Despite the strong focus and development of renewable energy, there will still be need for oil in the years to come. New discoveries to be developed as well as small, neighbouring discoveries that are to be tied-in to the existing infrastructure. Several of the large, aging fields still have substantial remaining reserves which require modified processes and equipment. Nordic Flow will aim to continuously give the best service to this marked both for existing installations and new builds.

Nordic Flow has experience delivering process solutions for every part of the platform process.

  • Process & Utility Pump Packages
  • MEG/TEG Methanol Injection Pump Packages
  • Seawater Injection & Seawater Lift Pump Packages
  • Export Pump Packages
  • Chemical or Water Injection Pump Packages
  • Misc. Pump Packages

Feel free to contact us during FEED or concept phases and we will assist you in finding optimized pump and flow selections to suit your needs.